Falcons Football Club

The Falcons Football Club has received a $10,000 grant from Jumpstart

As we all know, Tackle Football is a sport that required lots of safety equipment for the protection of its participants. As a community-based club, a large portion of our player registrations and fund raising goes toward the purchase and maintenance of this equipment. More specifically and depending on the age category, helmets can cost upwards of $500 to replace and only have a 10-year life. In addition, and to ensure they remain safe, we must send them away to be recertified every two years during which they are both inspected (for damage) and cleaned in preparation for the upcoming season. Recertification costs us approx. $65.00 per helmet every two years. Once the helmets have expired (10 years) they can no longer be used and must be destroyed.

The past couple of years have been difficult for our club. There was no season in 2020 due to Covid-19 and 2021 has been a reduced one with much less participation and less revenue. Without the help of the Jumpstart Program and specifically the $10,000 grant we received, we would be in jeopardy of not being able to provide our participants with safe equipment, specifically helmets, going forward.

The $10,000 we received will go toward recertifying 20 helmets and replacing another 20 with new ones this fall. 

Thank you Jumpstart for supporting amateur Football!