Falcons Football Club

The Executive Team

For any questions regarding our programs or registration, please contact: operations@falconsfootball.ca 

Clubhouse and Field address: 
910 Maginot St, 
Winnipeg, MB, R2J 0Z6 

Mailing address:
Falcons Football Club
180-235 Vermillion Rd, Suite 217
Winnipeg, MB, R2J 3M7

Falcons Football Club Constitution

Where applicable and in the absence of Club Policies and Bylaws, the Club shall be governed by those of Football Manitoba (FM) and the Manitoba Minor Football Association (MMFA). Policies and Bylaws will be observed in the following priority; First - Falcons Football Club Inc., Second - Football Manitoba, Third - Manitoba Minor Football Association.

Falcons Football Club Inc.:

Practice Policy

Gameday Code of Conduct

Injury Return to Play Guidelines

Football Manitoba:

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Discipline and Complaints Policy

Social Media Guidelines

Lightning Guidelines

Heat and Humidity Guidelines

Manitoba Minor Football Association:

MMFA By-laws

Name: Sheldon Kobewka
Position: President and VP of Finance
Name: Mike Girardin
Position: VP of Operations
Name: Jeff Laycock
Position: VP of Facilities and Fields
Name: Clare Forrest-Laycock
Position: Club Secretary
Name: Vacant
Position: Director of Registrations
Name: Danielle Chernhoski
Position: Director of Fundraising and Volunteers
Name: Steven Bint
Position: Director of Media and Communications
Name: Ben Mymko
Position: Director of Field and Player Equipment