Falcons Football Club

Are you interested in coaching tackle football with the Falcons Football Club? Contact us for more information!

Coaching requirements

The first step for new coaches will be to claim your NCCP# by creating an account on Coach.ca. Click here for answers to common NCCP and Locker questions.

Click here for a list of upcoming NCCP courses.

All coaches must complete the following:

  • RESPECT IN SPORT FOR ACTIVITY LEADERS: Free 2-hour course online. After completing the course: Go into your Respect in Sport profile (Profile Information, Account Information) and answer "allow" to the "Communication to the NCCP" question. This will allow your Respect in Sport to be shown on your NCCP transcript. Check that your email on your RiS account is the same email that you are using with Coach.ca (NCCP). Under Associations, make sure Football is selected.
  • MAKING HEAD WAY IN FOOTBALL: Free 1-hour course on understanding concussions, safety, and ways to reduce the risk of injury.
  • SAFE CONTACT: 8-hour training on mitigating the risk of injury associated with tackle football, how to coach it effectively and safely. Click here for a list of upcoming courses and to register.
  • Background Check: New Background checks can be completed by clicking here and selecting the Falcons Football Club in the drop-down menu. If you've already completed a background check in the last 3 years, please complete the Annual Declaration Form instead and submit it to the Falcons Football Club.

Cruncher, Atom, and Peewee coaches only:

Bantam and U18 coaches only:

  • INTRODUCTION TO COMPETITION – POSITION COACH. 15-hour course specifically for coaching Junior Varsity and Varsity age players with appropriate coaching methods for these athletes. After completion of the classroom portion, coaches will need to attend a Position Module session. Click here for a list of upcoming courses and to register.