Falcons Football Club
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Regular season equipment:

As part of your club fees, most equipment required for participation in tackle football is provided by the Falcons Football Club. This includes:

  • Certified helmet (our helmets are certified by an authorized third party, every two years to ensure they are safe and ready for play). Helmets are fitted for proper wear and protection at the on-site equipment fittings for each individual.
  • Chin strap.
  • Shoulder pads suited for each person's size and position on the team.
  • Game and practice pants.
  • Game and practice jerseys (with knee pads).
  • Socks
Additional equipment required to be supplied by the participant.
  • Cleats (some used / donated cleats are available through the club at no charge - please ask during equipment fittings).
  • Girdle (we will have girdles for sale, at the club, during equipment fittings at a very reasonable price).
  • Belt
  • Mouth Guard
  • Falcons recommend a proper sport mouth guard preferably fitted by a dentist, however, sport mouth guards are available for purchase at most sport specialty stores which can be fitted using the 'hot water' method. We also have 'one-time' use mouth guards available for sale at the club for a very reasonable price.
  • Gloves are optional and dependent on the position being played.
Off-season equipment rentals:

Equipment is available to rent for off-season use for those who are looking to participate in sanctioned off-season activities. The off-season rental fee is $100, and we also require a $300 deposit (post-dated check). The $100 fee will be credited towards your child's registration fee if they play with the Club again next year. A reminder that our equipment can only be used in events that are sanctioned by Football Manitoba. Those who use the equipment for non-sanctioned purposes will forfeit their entire deposit and will be asked to return equipment immediately. If you are interested in renting equipment for off-season use, please contact us for more information. The rental fee and deposit are due before the equipment is released.

We understand that these fees/deposits may be a barrier for some to participate in off-season activities. As such, the Club will assist participants in applying for available funding to those who qualify. Please contact us for more information.