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Apr 20 2023

2023 Registration Issues

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Good evening Falcons Families!

I appreciate everyone reaching out about the issue with the registration and we have been in contact with Football Manitoba who manages TeamLinkt and a bit of an issue has been identified, due to the new 'installment plan' option that was introduced this year.

It seems that a portion of the fees are being doubled up so we are making some changes to the way they appear on the site.

First, below is a table of all of the fee breakdowns for each age divisions.  In order to allow people the option to make installment payments though, we have had to combine the Club Fees, the Fundraising Deposit ($130) and the Club Night ($20) into one fee shown as the 'Regular Registration Fee' when you register.  There will be no further 'additional fees' shown.

You will still get $100 refunded when you sell a minimum of 10 Football Manitoba Mega Raffle tickets and nothing in the total has changed.

Please give us until tomorrow evening to have the changes made on TeamLinkt before you try and register again.

If you have already registered and attempted to chose the 'Installment Plan', please let me know so we can see what TeamLinkt is showing.  If you paid the full amount already, there should be no issues.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out.
Sheldon Kobewka
President and VP of Finance
Falcons Football Club Inc.
180-235 Vermillion Road
Suite 217
Winnipeg, MB  R2J 3M7

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