Falcons Football Club

Do I have to Register Again?

First, thank you for your patience and understanding.  The change this year is as a result of us (Football Manitoba, the MMFA and the other clubs) wanting to improve not only the registration process but also to migrate both our website and the communication tool that our coaches will be using to manage the team events going forward to the new TeamLinkt program (which will also replace TEAMSNAP).

Progress, as you know, doesn't come without some problems and there have been a number of issues.  Rest assured though, everyone is working feverishly to get them cleaned up and working as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, I just received the following request from Football Manitoba and unfortunately, if you were not able to pay on-line, we need you to try one-more-time.  Please read the following and, again, thank you for your patience.

Good afternoon MMFA Clubs.

With all of the changes that have been made between the Pre-registration form, the MMFA registration that went live last Tuesday, and the subsequent change to allow clubs to collect their club fees on line, we find all of the data a little messy and some fees/memberships were not collected.  This was mainly due to a quick switchover from the PRE-registration to a live registration last Tuesday.

 Here is what the clubs need to know about people being asked to register again.

  • All early registrations  until last Tuesday (August 10th) have been asked to register again as there were no fees collected on that form, they were only invoiced and not considered “confirmed” to be playing this year.
  •  Registrations that were done since last Tuesday up until this Tuesday night (August 17th) were charged the $55 MMFA fee but as they were already “invoiced” for their memberships on the earlier form, those fees were not charged/collected when they paid.  All of these registrants have been asked to register again using their Home Club link.  They will be charged the $55 MMFA fee again as it needed to be allocated differently on the form.
  • We are already in the process of refunding the initial $55 payment and everyone affected have been advised by email.

 The main reason we want everyone registered prior to this coming Wednesday (August 25th) again, is to clean up the registration data, make sure that everyone has paid the correct fees, and most importantly, that all clubs can monitor their own registrations to see who has or hasn’t registered.  This is essentially a cleanup of the confusion created by 3 different registrations.

 Registering again is unfortunate but very quick as all of their data is there already.  Memberships already bought and paid for (including from flag football) will not be charged again.

Please encourage anyone that did not use your club link to register again!  We are monitoring all of the various scenarios and dealing with the participants directly.